Diamonds, Caviar, Snakes… What do they all have to do with your face?

Posted: August 29th 2010 | Posted in Health & Beauty

Hello my beauty lovers,

I am so excited about this new post, I have been dying to write about these products !

In our never ending quest to find the best and latest innovative beauty product out there, sometimes we across the weirdest things ever! yet, all claiming to be the best. Which reminds us of the saying “how far would you go for beauty”.

Back to my header, I’m sure you are wondering so what do, diamonds, caviar and snakes have to do with this. Well, if you are like me, am sure you are imagining Cleopatra on one of those gold chaise lounge, dripping in diamonds, a snake wrapped around her, while having caviar massaged into her skin… too much imagination? Ok sorry, maybe it’s just me.  I have put together some products that have a little of each and more! they are more for the matured skin type but never the less good for all, that’s why it’s called “Anti-aging” right?


I love this product so much, it contains over a carat and a half of infused pure diamond powder, wow! right? The Body Refiner polishes, refines and retexturises the skin to reveal a sparkling new surface. what more can I say, got me at diamonds :) and best part, it cost only £77 for 200ml, Price per 100 ml: £38.50 good bargain for diamonds right? lol. Better yet, you can have it infused into your skin by having one of their facials at the exclusive Urban Retreat in Harrods, price from about £95 – £200.


Kenabo is a high end Asian beauty brand, known for their luxurious beauty products and herbal formulas. The Sensai Premier Cream has been the latest craze to hit the market, it is said to contain “essential ingredients” using “innovative formulation”. The ingredients which includes, Koishimaru Silk extracts which moisturizes the deepest layer of the skin. Sensai Premier is an anti-aging product, which claims to “incredibly regenerate skin to combat signs of aging”,“reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines” and “quench skin with moisture to keep skin hydrated”.  So, if you think silk is for you, it will cost you about £500. yep! u read right, 500 pounds.


If you have not heard of La Prairie aka the caviar luxury beauty products, then let me introduce you.

La Prairie is a Swiss brand known for their revolutionary state-of-the-art skin care range, as described on their site “La Prairie products help prolong the youthful appearance of even the most delicate skin. Each one confronts the problem of premature aging, environmental hazards and the stress of contemporary life”.

The La Prairie Caviar Collection, is said to have exclusive Cellular Complex, Protein-Rich Caviar Extracts and Sea Proteins. It improves your skins elasticity, giving you a more radiant, firmer, softer and smoother satiny glowing luminescence skin tone.  Love Caviar? It will set you back about $400.


Rodial has become one of those highly praised new revolutionary brands, pushing boundaries and to an extent actually doing what it claims it can.

The latest highly talked about product from them, is the Glamoxy Snake Serum. It has the effects of the Temple Viper’s potent venom to instantly freeze muscles and plump fine lines and wrinkles. It has a neuro peptide called Syn-ake, that mimics the actual venom.

Rodial, says it has a 3D plumping effect (watever that means), instant radiance, fades lines and imperfections, improving skin tone and providing powerful anti-oxidant protection. Costs about £125 for 25ml.

UGUISU FACIAL CLEANSER, Aka Nightingale poop (bird shit basically).

Actually, this is more of a facial than a poop in jar kind of thing. lol, sorry I can’t help but laugh everytime. The Nightingale poop facial powder, also known as Uguisu (in Japanese), is a white powder made from thoroughly sterilized bird droppings. Not just any bird, it’s made from the beautiful nightingale bird. This facial cleanser dates back to the 18th century, the Geishas and Kabuki actors used nightingale droppings to cleanse off their heavy make-up. The droppings contain Guanine, which supposedly is a exfoliant removing blackheads, pollutants and helps even out skin tone, giving your skin a cleaner whiter brighter look. Trust Asians when it comes to bleaching and whitening, and also popularly known as Victoria Beckham’s secret facial, so I am sure this does have some good results, but pls don’t take my word for it as I have not tried it out yet, but I sure will soon, no shit ! lol. If you are in New York, you can book an appointment at the famous spa that made brought it to us, Shizuka New York Day Spa (7 West 51st Street – near Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10019) costs about $200. The rest of us will just have to buy the powder online, I guess, I hear an ounce costs about £20, if you know someone in Japan, better !

So, there you have it ladies, have your pick! and as usual, Good luck !

Love always.

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